1. Meeting with client

For the initial meeting, we welcome our client at our design lab for a brainstorming session.
We review an array of inspiration photos and material samples to land a concept that goes in line with the client’s taste and style.

2. Design Plan

After landing the concept for a property, whether residential or commercial, we deliver a presentation deck (both printed and digital) to our client. The deck includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Floor plans for every space, with suggestions for furniture, accessories, lighting, textiles, paint treatments, hardware, and appliances that are within the client’s needs, taste, and budget as previously reviewed.
  • Drawings and specifications for custom millwork items.
  • Renders of different areas for the client to visualize what the space is going to look like.

3. Design execution

Our team of architects, designers, suppliers, and project managers work in collaboration to make sure that the execution of the project is seamless, attending to every need and request that the client may have throughout the installation process.